Wednesday, May 16, 2001

alright. i doubt anyone even reads this anymore, and i'm sorry if you do. but i think i may call it quits from here. now that i'm not at school and online every second of the day, i really don't have the time or desire to update my blog anymore. i'll just go back to posting in the robinsons diary whenever i have something semi-cool to say.

for those of you that don't know, i'm changing my email address to at the end of this month. so... um... i guess that's it. if i do decide to start blogging again i'll let everyone know. thanks everyone. this was fun while it lasted.

we're in the process of recording the new robinsons cd right now. it will definitely be done by the 30th, so come out to Espresso Yourself and pick up your copy of Cool Down! Got It?! i hope to see a bunch of you there.

The new weezer kicks ass... of course.

In honor of our new cable channels in "da parish".....

Top 5 channels
1) Animal Planet
2) Comedy Central
3) Fox Family
4) VH1

=w=party on=w=

song of the day: (i don't know the name, but it's on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater)

"I'm the ambassador of kick-your-ass-ador" ..hehe.. classic.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

well, i made it. i'm home and i've taken over my mom and dad's living room with all my stuff. but... it's only another week until my grandma moves out of my room, and i move back into it. and that's when the fun begins, folks.

holy smokes. does that hashpipe video kick so much damn ass or what? gosh.. i was so amazed. and, unlike ben, i actually love the song. less than 6 days....

here's the skinny on this week... tomorrow night we get to go watch Nuts Can Surf at Espresso Yourself... then the next night, we travel to Hattiesburg to catch Morilla's last show... and then saturday.... you guessed it. Robinsons recording begins. i just came back from my brother's house, where we set up the drums in one of his extra rooms. luckily for us, the room has a very nice sound. aren't you excited??!!?!?! hehe.. ok.. maybe not... i am.

i probably won't be doing that many blogs now. maybe one every other day or so... hehe, i kind of have a life again.. yay!

no top 5 tonight

=w=party on=w=

song of the day: Tell Me Goodnight - Huntingtons

Monday, May 07, 2001

i just got back from Hot Topic, yet again - to get a =w= poster for my friend Indiana. i get there, and what do you know. it's the same stupid girl that was there last time. as i threw the one measley poster on the counter, she attacked with her same old entrepreneur-ing tactics. whining, "oh come on! you have to buy more than this!" i just smiled. she began to ring it up, and just as she opened the register, i said "hey wait!".. i had noticed something new! a weezer postcard!! hell yes.. hehe. so.. now i have a weezer postcard. i asked if there was any other weezer merchandise in the store, and it seems as though i've got it all. except that damn girl's shirt. it's so cool too. i might buy it and hang it on my wall... we'll see.

i'm sitting here listening to "the blue album". sometimes i forget why i automatically answer "weezer" as my favorite band. Ozma can try all they want to sound like weezer, and i love what Ozma does... but, no one will ever match this album. This is THE album of the 90s. if a fool doesn't own it, then i pity the fool. 8 more days until the new album comes out. i think i'm gonna cry now.

more weezer for ya's. tonight, at 9pm the new video, "Hash Pipe" premiers on MTV. however, Indiana has informed me that MTV is calling it "H*** Pipe", because of the marijuana reference. alright, hehe.. we'll take it!

my room is now empty. less than 24 hours until i'm on my way home. and you know, i just realized last night that i've never mentioned Pepper in this darn blogging thing. for those of you that don't know, Pepper is my dog. he is a very cool dog. and he misses me, just like i miss him. and tomorrow we shall be reunited. "Pepper, todd's home!"

weezer and pepper are two things that make me happy, but let me tell you what doesn't make me happy. this is an email from my japanese teacher telling me how i did in the class:


You made "B" ( Final exam: 94%, Total: 88.7%). Your tests and speaking were pretty good, but I had to deduct for the absences and homeworks. Have a nice holiday.

Keiko Maeda

just for the record, people, i missed two classes this whole semester, and i did more than half of the homework. i also got A's on most of my quizzes and tests. i've never gotten lower than a B on a quiz or a test. i get a freaking 94 on the final exam, but end with a B in the class???? what kind of crap is that!?? i thought Keiko was my homie, but damn... she pissed me off. now, i'm probably not going to get my 3.0 because of that. i was really counting on that A...

Top 5 Best songs ever, in the history of songs
1) My Name Is Jonas
2) No One Else
3) The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
4) Buddy Holly
5) Undone (The Sweater Song)

in the wise words of my pal wyatt, "if you don't know who this is, then you don't have a brain"

=w=rock on=w=

song of the day: In The Garage - Weezer

"i got electric guitar. i play my stupid songs. i write these stupid words. and i love everyone."

Sunday, May 06, 2001

another, rather uneventful day. it's all a blur, really. in 12 hours my mom will be here to take most of my stuff home. my room looks weird. the walls are stripped, my cds and tapes are in boxes, and i have 3 things hanging in my closet. yeah.. i'm ready.

last night while i was trying to go to sleep, i was thinking about all of my old rap tapes that i regret getting rid of. and one that came to mind was P.M. Dawn. i don't know if anyone remembers who they were, but they had a badass song that i think was called "set adrift on memory bliss". so, of course i wished that i could just pull out the tape and listen to it.. but i couldnt. however, a few hours ago i decided to see what was on our college station (checking for the new weezer song "hashpipe") and as i was surfing through the stations, i hit that damn PM Dawn song!! right at the beginning!! i was going nuts. hehe... the song wasn't as good as i had hoped, but hey. i was like 10. weird huh? ...of all the damn songs...

i cannot stop listening to Ivy's Apartment Life... it's addictive. it's a shame i don't have anything else by them. like i said before, i need new music. hehe.. it's only a few days until i can copy more stuff from my brother!! yay!!

i'm out of frankenberry. damn.

Top 5 favorite Rap Tapes
1) Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote
2) Ant Banks - The Big Badass
3) The Murder Squad - Nationwide
4) South Central Cartel - 'N Gatz We Trust
5) Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle

=w=rock on=w=

song of the day: Barbara H. - Fountains of Wayne

"all day the radio's been playing the same song. can't shake that tune but it's ok."

Saturday, May 05, 2001

alright.. as soon decides to save my template changes (it's been over a day now), then the archives should be working. i had to make my own archives pages, so, excuse the Angelfire banner at the top. i tried to make it look appealing, at least. that link i just typed should work.

it's decided. MagnifiedRad will be no more after this next week. I'll just keep NAkicker and Sodium Kicker for my two AIM names. sorry to keep changing names on everyone. MagnifiedRad just didn't get a good response.

i'm doing this entry very early today, because after this i'm just going to be studying for my exams. so... sorry about my uneventful day.

=w=party on=w=

song of the day: Abandon Ship - Fretblanket

Friday, May 04, 2001

1 in 6 my black ass. i must have bought at least fifteen 20 oz coke products within the last week or so, and i have yet to win the stupid "1 in 6 wins!" cap game. what do they think?? they think i'm gonna keep buying their stupid product because "i know the next cap will win"?? hehe.. that's exactly what i'm gonna do. damn.

i'm really pissed at this stupid service. i cannot get my archives to work for anything. if anyone plans on using for their weblog, i'd suggest going to or something... i don't like this too much. although the page does look nice. i might steal the template html.. shhhhh!

thanks to josh i have a new AIM screen name. when i get rid of AOL in a few weeks, i'm gonna drop NAkicker too. instead of NAkicker, i'll be "Sodium Kicker". it's all registered and stuff, but i won't use it until i drop AOL... so, i'll let everyone know. MagnifiedRad is still alive. hehe, i should probably just go with one though. we'll see...

less than 4 days to go. yes.

i need some new music.

Top 5 old Nickelodeon shows
1) Hey Dude!
2) Nick Arcade
3) Ren and Stimpy
4) Roundhouse
5) Underdog


song of the day: Heroes and Villains - The Beach Boys

"...bum bum bum ba bum ba bum bum (do do do do - oooh)... bum bum bum ba bum ba bum bum (do do do do - oooh). la lalala la lalala la lala lalala lalala lalala la la la la..."

Thursday, May 03, 2001

well.. i talked to my friend Ben earlier today, and he informed me that "i was running out of material for my blogs lately". so, since i love ben (hair included), i've decided to make this blog a bit longer - for ben.

check out the robinsons diary for a description of my adventure this morning, entitled "The Transcript Fiasco". it's entry #73.

i was out of spoons for a few days, and i've been eating my frankenberry with forks. trust me on this - 60% of the fun in cereal is eating it with a damn spoon. earlier today, i went in the cafeteria and heisted around 15 plastic spoons. those lunchladies are clueless to my ingenious schemes. if anyone is planning on robbing a bank soon, and is in need of a good plan, let me know. i think i can help you out. e-mail me. we'll talk.

i find no point in getting up early anymore. they took wings off of the 10:00 spot on USAm! after my whole fiasco today, i figured i could go back to my room and watch a classic episode of wings. but no. martin has taken its place. martin!!?? in the great words of indiana, "its a disgrace i tell you. a damn disgrace".

so... i had to resort to morning mtv. after i actually sat through about 5 horrible videos, this band called SUM 41 came on. it's like old beastie boys meet blink 182, for those of you who havent heard them. it was very interesting, and the chorus was catchy as hell. after i hear it like 50 more times, i'll probably start to like it. and i'm not sure if i want to.

i cleaned up my room today. i packed up a lot of small things too. you would have never believed how messy my room was. i'm really not a messy person. in fact, i'm very organized. anyway.. i listened to some pulp while i cleaned - and if you're ever wondering, cleaning your shoes with a toothbrush and listening to Pulp's A Different Class go surprisingly good together. try it some time.

my air conditioner has been leaking for like a week now. there is a constant puddle on my floor. luckily, it's not an angry, fast-spreading puddle like that thing on Creep Show. does anyone remember that big ass black gooey thing from Creep Show? ah well, maybe not.. if you've never seen a creep show film, you should.

i did it. i've put up my music collection inventory on a webpage. now i know what you're thinking. "this hot shot thinks he's got this great collection of music, when in fact, i have more than he does. i'll kick his ass next time i see him out. he better watch his back." but... actually, i know that my collection isn't that big. so, i figured i'd start keeping track of what i have now, before it gets too big and i never get around to it. if anyone would like to pay me to catalog their music collection, e-mail me. we'll talk. check out my collection here.

as i was cleaning today, i found some of my writing that i did in math class last semester... i thought this would be funny to share with everyone.

I'm a soldier
I'm a warrior
I'm a positive influence on the world
All the children love me
All the parents hate me
Crime is not good
Crime is despised
I'm an AOL junkie
I write stupid sentences when I'm bored in math class
I wish I was going to see Weezer in 13 days
I wish I was in Weezer
But I'm not
I'm in math class
I can only write so much crap
Or can I?
The girl to my right may be looking at my writing
But she's probably paying attention
Fat chance
This class sucks
I'm a soldier

Top 5 Favorite Lyricists
1) John Linnel/John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants)
2) Jarvis Cocker (Pulp)
3) Dr. Frank (The Mr.T Experience)
4) Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne)
5) Linus (Size 14)


song of the day: Common People - Pulp

see the song's ingenious lyrics by Jarvis here.